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Procedure for reconstructing broken teeth


A dental post & core is a restorative dental treatment that is used when there isn’t a lot of healthy tooth structure left, usually due to decay or trauma. 

In such a scenario, a ‘post and core’ acts to save the existing tooth.

‘Post’ placed in a damaged tooth
Core built-up done on the post


Sometimes, when the tooth has been severely damaged or weakened, usually due to decay or trauma, there may not be enough tooth left intact to return it to normal function.
When this occurs, a post and core can be performed to reconstruct or build the missing portions of your tooth and to keep a dental crown in place.


The post’s sole purpose is to retain the core build-up, by taking support from inside of the tooth’s root. This acts as ‘foundation’ needed to rebuild the missing tooth structure, effectively preparing it to accommodate a future crown.


Post and core comprises of two physical parts: 

  • A Post: It is a small rod-like structure that goes inside the canal of a root canal treated tooth. It holds the core in place by taking support from inside of the tooth’s root.
  • A Core: It is built up on the post, which acts as its foundation. It replaces the missing tooth structure. Normally, a tooth core is created with composite materials. 


What are the types of post & core procedures?

There are two types of post and core procedures:

  • Prefabricated post and core

    These are available in different types of materials.  

     Most common ones are: 

    • Stainless steel post  
    • Fiber-resin post 
  • Cast post and core 

    This is a metallic one-piece unit that is custom-made in a dental laboratory. 

Prefabricated post and cores usually take one appointment, while cast post and cores usually take multiple appointments. 

The Procedure Of Placing A Dental Post And Core

The procedure for placing a dental post and core is performed after the completion of root canal treatment. It typically involves multiple steps
  • A part of root canal filling material is removed from the canal & that space within the canal is shaped to accommodate the post 
  • Post of the desired shape & size is selected.
  • It is placed & bonded into the canal, with the help of a dental cement.
  • Once the post is secure, a core material, usually composite filling material, is built around the post to create a stable foundation for the final restoration.
  • The core material is shaped to provide proper support for the crown or bridge. 


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He is very professional in his approach and put all efforts to provide perfect treatment. He has got well maintained clinic equipped with almost all modern infrastructure necessary for dental treatment. He takes utmost care on hygiene of equipments used in treatment.

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    Dr Nihar is an excellent doctor and shows tremendous empathy and care for patients. He is efficient, meticulous, very good at his craft and the clinic is calming and super clean. These all combined - make sure - going to dentists is no more a 'tension' filled experience.

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      Got my teeth deep cleaned, a new cap fitted and widom tooth extracted. Highly recommend Dr. Nihar for your dental needs. He was extremely professional and walked me through each step of way to make me comfortable regarding the procedures. Great dental experience!

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        Had been to Dr.Nihar for my root canal treatment. I would say it was my best dental experience till date. The entire process was smooth & painless and was completed in single sitting. If someone is looking for a painless root canal specialist in mulund, I would definitely recommend Dr.Nihar.

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