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About Dental Clinic

Welcome to the best dental clinic in  Mulund – DENTARIS

Our state-of-the-art clinic specializes in advanced, painless dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We offer treatment plans tailored to your timeline and are delivered by highly trained doctors.

At DENTARIS, we strive to always be on the cutting edge of dental technology. Our dental clinic is unique in the locality of Mulund because we use Dental Operating Microscope which enables us to practice minimally invasive dentistry and helps us in providing more accurate & predictable treatments to our patients.

We follow a research-based approach and work with the premium products and equipment to ensure that you receive the highest quality treatment.  



Easily accessible location


Ample parking space


Zero to minimal waiting time


Relaxing & pleasant clinic environment

We are EXPERTS in performing
Painless & Minimally Invasive Dental procedures

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What To Expect At Our Practice

When you first visit us, we will arrange for you to have a consultation with our head dentist – Dr.Nihar Thakkar. We will thoroughly assess your condition and present you with a full range of treatment options. Once we have decided upon the option that best meets your needs, we will prepare a tailor-made treatment plan for you.


Our practice uses the most modern & advanced technological aids available to dentists.

•5-Step Dental Operating Microscope

Operating microscope magnifies an area usually from 4 to 25 times the normal size! By providing optimum magnification and illumination, it allows us to see the finest details of the tooth structure, thus allowing for precise, minimally invasive procedures. This helps us reach new levels of diagnosis and therapy in dental care.

•Digital Radiography - Radiovisiograph

We have the latest RVG (Radiovisiography) intraoral sensor for acquiring x-ray images.
This digital equivalent of X-ray film exposes patients to 50-75% less radiation.
It produces an image of excellent quality that is viewed on a computer monitor instantly.
This helps to reduce treatment time and improves patient

•Dc X-ray Machine (Lower Radiation Dose)

The DC x-ray machine reduces the patient radiation dose by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC x-ray units, ensuring greater safety for our patients and staff.
One of the most significant advantages of DC dental x-rays is their superior image quality

•Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are used to capture the photos of the teeth.
Thus patients can see & understand about the condition of their teeth & other oral structures.

•Large Digital Displays

X rays and intra oral photos that are acquired are displayed on the screens in high definition. This enables us to communicate and educate the patients regarding their dental conditions, thus helping the patients to make a proper decision in their treatment planning.

•Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler (For Teeth Cleaning)

Its perfectly controlled ultrasonic vibrations allow precise, gentle treatments that are comfortable for the patient.

•4th Generation Electronic Apex Locater (For Root Canal Treatment)

An apex locater is a cutting-edge electronic device, used during root canal treatments, that revolutionizes the process of measuring the length of the root canal.
We have the J Morita Root ZX Mini Apex Locator, which provides unparalleled accuracy and reliable readings.


(For Root Canal Treatment)

An endo motor is a specialized device used in modern root canal treatment. Due to its dynamic moves and strong engine, the time required to do a Root Canal Treatment is reduced by more than 80% compared to the traditional way.

We care about the hygiene in our clinic as much as we care about your teeth


At DENTARIS we take the well-being and safety of our patients very seriously.
We understand the concerns many patients have about the hygiene and cross infection control in the dental clinic.
Cross infection control prevents the spreading of infectious diseases from one patient to another, staff to patient and patient to staff.
At DENTARIS, we use strict cross infection control protocol to protect our patients. 

All the equipment used in your mouth is sterilized using the most modern and approved techniques.

We use the following to ensure the highest levels of disinfection & sterilization.

• Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

An ultrasonic cleaner is especially useful for removing tightly-adhered contaminants from the instrument surfaces after the instruments are washed manually

• Autoclave

Autoclaving is by far the most effective way of killing all the germs. All instruments that are capable of being autoclaved are fully sterilized after every patient.

• Chemical Disinfection

Some instruments such as plastics, the work surfaces and the dental chair are fully disinfected using powerful chemicals.

• The autoclaved instruments are kept in sealed packets to ensure sterile storage

• We use disposable materials wherever possible, which are discarded after single use.


What Patients Say

He is very professional in his approach and put all efforts to provide perfect treatment. He has got well maintained clinic equipped with almost all modern infrastructure necessary for dental treatment. He takes utmost care on hygiene of equipments used in treatment.

    - Vinod D

    Dr Nihar is an excellent doctor and shows tremendous empathy and care for patients. He is efficient, meticulous, very good at his craft and the clinic is calming and super clean. These all combined - make sure - going to dentists is no more a 'tension' filled experience.

      - Uma V

      Got my teeth deep cleaned, a new cap fitted and widom tooth extracted. Highly recommend Dr. Nihar for your dental needs. He was extremely professional and walked me through each step of way to make me comfortable regarding the procedures. Great dental experience!

        - Sahil S

        Had been to Dr.Nihar for my root canal treatment. I would say it was my best dental experience till date. The entire process was smooth & painless and was completed in single sitting. If someone is looking for a painless root canal specialist in mulund, I would definitely recommend Dr.Nihar.

          - Sweety J

          Dr. Nihar Thakkar is probably the best dentist i’ve been to; he’s extremely professional and gives in every effort possible towards your treatment. my trust has only grown with each appointment. his passion for his work shows through outstanding determination and attention to detail.

            - Riya

            Had a very good experience. Dr.Nihar and his team treats very patiently and politely. Always on time and never keeps you waiting. The clinic is extremely well maintained and clean. One of the best dental experience till date.

              - Neelima C