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Best Root Canal Specialist


M.D.S (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics)

Dr. Nihar, a Specialist Endodontist (Root canal specialist) and Restorative dentist by specialization, is an expert in saving natural teeth. 

He completed his masters in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from the prestigious Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai, one of India’s top dental institutes.

With more than 14 years of experience in dental care, Dr. Nihar is proficient in a wide range of dental procedures and treatments.

Best Root Canal Specialist

Dr.Nihar performing treatment
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His areas of expertise include treatment of complicated Root canal treatments  and Root canal Re- treatment as well as performing cosmetic dental fillings & smile enhancement procedures.

He is extremely skilled in performing Single sitting, Painless Root Canal Treatments & Biomimetic Dentistry branch of restorative dentistry that uses treatments to maintain and save the natural tooth structure using materials that mimic your natural teeth.

He has special training in Micro-dentistry, also known as Microscope Enhanced Dentistry – A state-of-the-art clinical approach that will elevate not only the quality of your treatment process, but your results as well!

Apart from his practice, he has a deep interest in teaching which has helped to train many general dentists in the skills of modern root canal techniques through his lectures & workshops. He has also been an assistant professor in one of the leading dental colleges in India – Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai.    

ENDODONTISTS – Root canal Treatment specialists

Our head dentist – Dr. Nihar Thakkar is as endodontist by specialization.


Endodontists are dentists with an additional 3 years of specialized education in the field of root canal procedures. They are specialists in diagnosing and treating tooth pain and performing root canal treatment. These root canal specialists can efficiently provide high-quality care, even in instances where teeth may be more challenging to treat.

Endodontists are Specialists in Saving Teeth

Top Root Canal Dentist


Although all dentists have received training in endodontic procedures, Endodontists have advanced training and more experience with root canal treatment.

Endodontists specialize in root canal treatment that involves curved or twisted roots, narrow canals, teeth that are more difficult to reach and re-treatment of failed previous root canal treatment.

They use specialized techniques & equipment such as endodontic microscopes.


You should make an appointment to see an endodontist if

  • You are experiencing tooth pain
  • Your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold
  • You notice a cavity in your tooth
  • You have injured your tooth


What Patients Say

He is very professional in his approach and put all efforts to provide perfect treatment. He has got well maintained clinic equipped with almost all modern infrastructure necessary for dental treatment. He takes utmost care on hygiene of equipments used in treatment.

    - Vinod D

    Dr Nihar is an excellent doctor and shows tremendous empathy and care for patients. He is efficient, meticulous, very good at his craft and the clinic is calming and super clean. These all combined - make sure - going to dentists is no more a 'tension' filled experience.

      - Uma V

      Got my teeth deep cleaned, a new cap fitted and widom tooth extracted. Highly recommend Dr. Nihar for your dental needs. He was extremely professional and walked me through each step of way to make me comfortable regarding the procedures. Great dental experience!

        - Sahil S

        Had been to Dr.Nihar for my root canal treatment. I would say it was my best dental experience till date. The entire process was smooth & painless and was completed in single sitting. If someone is looking for a painless root canal specialist in mulund, I would definitely recommend Dr.Nihar.

          - Sweety J

          Dr. Nihar Thakkar is probably the best dentist i’ve been to; he’s extremely professional and gives in every effort possible towards your treatment. my trust has only grown with each appointment. his passion for his work shows through outstanding determination and attention to detail.

            - Riya

            Had a very good experience. Dr.Nihar and his team treats very patiently and politely. Always on time and never keeps you waiting. The clinic is extremely well maintained and clean. One of the best dental experience till date.

              - Neelima C